Northern Ontario communications consultants


Clients: Past & Present

HelpLink has been assisting clients for over 15 years. We have worked with organizations and companies as diverse as the CBC’s 5th Estate and NORTH Network, to the Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union (CEP) and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Others include:

  • University of Western Ontario (web design)
  • Lakehead University (research brochure)
  • Kanawa Magazine (managing editor)
  • International Projects and Protocol Services Inc. (brochure, web design & maintenance)
  • Town of Marathon (web design)
  • conference and workshop reports of various kinds
  • special one-off brochures and publications
  • Northern Passages newsletter (editor)
  • North Channel Yacht Club (website maintenance)
  • Service Quality Associates Inc. (website design)
  • magazines and newspapers from all over (writing)